The results of surgical treatment between 1940 and 1980 of 118 children with frontal or temporal lobe epilepsy were reviewed at the Montreal Neurological Institute. The mean age of seizure onset was 5.1 years, the mean age at operation 11.7 years, and the follow-up was 15 years (range 2-31 years). Outcome was excellent in 13 of 45 (29%) frontal surgery patients and 43 of 73 (59%) temporal surgery patients. A history of prolonged febrile seizures in 22 (30%) of the temporal surgery group was associated with a good prognosis. Secondarily generalized seizures occurring in 60 (50%) patients usually predict a poor prognosis. [1]

COMMENT. Surgical epilepsy candidates with a history of febrile convulsions and without secondarily generalized seizures are most likely to benefit from temporal lobe resection.