Investigators at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, OH, report 2 toddlers, ages 15 and 18 months, with human metapneumovirus (hMPV) infection who presented in status epilepticus and later developed respiratory failure. Both patients recovered over 2 weeks with no sequelae. Infection with hMPV should be considered as a cause of seizures or encephalitis with respiratory symptoms in infants and children. [1]

COMMENTARY. Neurological complications of human metapneumovirus infection are not mentioned in the 2012 edition of the AAP Redbook [2], and a review of seizures and hMPV in PubMed uncovers few reports. One earlier study reports an incidence of 6.3% of hMPV cases associated with seizures compared to 0.7% of patients infected with RSV (p = 0.031). hMPV may be associated with a spectrum of CNS disease ranging from febrile seizure to status epilepticus and severe, fatal encephalitis [3].