The effects of levetiracetam on neuropsychological functioning in six children (mean age 9.8 years) with attention and learning difficulties and subclinical EEG spikes without clinical seizures were determined in a prospective, open-label pilot study at the Clinical Research Center of New Jersey and Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA. After 10 weeks treatment up to 40 mg/kg day, levetiracetam was associated with significant improvements in the Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning in 4 patients, and concomitant spike suppression. Epilepsy is considered a spectrum disorder, including a subset of individuals with epileptiform EEG patterns without clinical seizures but with significant neuropsychological abnormality that may improve with levetiracetam treatment. [1]

COMMENT. Further studies may be warranted to investigate this controversial subject, given the relative safety of levetiracetam.