The prevalence of comorbid neurobehavioral problems in 35 children and adolescents (31 [88%] boys; mean age 11.8 years) with Tourette syndrome (TS) was determined at a psychiatric clinic at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Hafez Hospital, Iran. Motor tics were blinking (54%), mouth (31%) and shoulder (31%) movements. Vocal tics were throat clearing and grunting. Coprolalia occurred in 9%. Comorbid disruptive behavior disorders were ADHD in 24 (68%); ODD (28%); and CD in 5.7%. TS+disruptive behaviors occurred in 71%, TS+anxiety disorders in 43% (OCD 26%), TS+mood disorders in 14%. TS patients without comorbidity were uncommon (2.9%), and less than previously reported. [1]

COMMENT. Almost all patients with TS have some behavioral comorbid disorder. ADHD is the most common comorbid disorder, followed by ODD and OCD. Mood disorders are uncommon.