The frequency and character of preictal and postictal headaches in 101 children (aged 5-18 years) with generalized tonic-clonic or partial seizures were determined by interviews and clinic chart reviews, in a study at Alberta Children’s Hospital, Calgary, Canada. Peri-ictal headaches were reported by 41% (postictal only in 29%, preictal only in 5%, both in 7%). The headaches were migrainous in 50% of preictal and 58% of postictal headaches. Interictal headaches occurred in 24%; they were migrainous in 14%. Peri-ictal headaches in children were mostly bilateral. Headaches were relieved by acetaminophen or ibuprofen in the majority of the 50% of patients treated. [1]

COMMENT. Peri-ictal headaches are common in children with epilepsy. They are usually migrainous in type and bilateral in location. They are relieved by simple analgesics but in practice, are rarely treated.