Anxiety and depressive signs were investigated in 22 children (mean age, 12+/-2.7 years SD) with a first unprovoked afebrile seizure, in a study at Alberta Children’s Hospital, University of Calgary, Canada. Compared with published norms for a Child Anxiety Scale and Depression Inventory, patients reported significantly higher scores for total anxiety, worry/oversensitivity, and social concerns/concentration. Compared with a medical cohort, anxiety symptoms were similar. Children with a first seizure had greater interpersonal problems, ineffectiveness, and negative self-esteem than published norms. Compared to controls, they had increased negative mood, ineffectiveness, anhedonia, and negative selfesteem. Anxiety may be related to illness or hospital experience, and depressive symptoms may be comorbid at time of seizure. [1]

COMMENT. Children presenting with a first seizure may be at increased risk of anxiety and depressive symptoms.