Clinical manifestations of brainstem encephalitis (BSE) with fever, decreased level of consciousness, and left facial and abducens paralysis developed 1 week after bilateral parotitis and mumps in a 4 year-old female child and were followed by symptoms of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) within 20 days of recovery from BSE. Recovery from ADEM followed treatment with glucocorticoids and IV immunoglobulin within 2 months. [1]

Bell’s palsy following use of inactivated intranasal influenza vaccine in adults is reported from Switzerland [2]. The nasal vaccine is no longer in use. In a case-control study of 250 patients with Bell’s palsy and 722 controls, 68 patients with Bell’s palsy (27.2%) and 8 controls (1.1%) had received the vaccine (P<0.001). The risk was 19 times that in controls.