Brain regions involved in processing written text while reading were identified by fMRI in 9 right-handed normal children, ages 7.9 to 13.3 years. While reading Aesop’s Fables and responding to a reading response naming test, the fMRI showed strong activation in the left middle temporal gyrus and left midfrontal gyrus and variable activation in left inferior frontal gyrus. Reading Aesop’s Fables activated twice as many pixels in temporal cortex as the Read Response Naming task. Activation in the right middle temporal region was small. Reading text paradigms and fMRI may be useful in determining language dominance in children with epilepsy before surgery. [1]

COMMENT. Reading in normal children is lateralized and localized to specific brain areas by middle to late childhood. Strong laterality in left temporal receptive and anterior language areas is identified in right handed subjects. Some but lesser activation is also present in the homologous non-dominant right temporal cortex.