Long-term EEG-video-monitoring (LTM) detected 12 (8%) patients with non-epileptic seizures (NESs) among 145 temporal lobectomy candidates with medically refractory seizures and interictal temporal EEG spikes in a study at Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA. Seven patients had epileptic seizures recorded and characterized by motionless staring in addition to NESs. LTM performed in temporal lobectomy candidates permits exclusion of those with NESs. [1]

COMMENT. Long-term EEG video-monitoring and ictal recordings are important pre-surgical evaluations in patients with medically refractory temporal lobe seizures and interictal temporal lobe spikes. Non-epileptic seizures are sometimes uncovered, though definitive exclusion of epileptic seizures may require intracranial EEG recordings.