The effects of diabetes and of episodes of severe hypoglycemia on cognitive function in 28 diabetic children were assessed at the Trondheim University Hospital, Norway. Early-onset diabetes, before age 5 years, complicated by episodes of severe hypoglycemia, was associated with mild impairments of psychomotor efficiency and attention. Diabetes per se and occasional episodes of severe hypoglycemia had no effect on cognitive function in children with late-onset diabetes, after age 5 years. [1]

COMMENT. Early onset childhood diabetes complicated by episodes of severe hypoglycemia may be associated with mild cognitive dysfunction. A possible link between severe hypoglycemia and cognitive impairment in young adult diabetics was considered doubtful in a University of Edinburgh report. (see Ped Neur Briefs Nov 1996;10:88). The diabetes per se may be a more important factor in causation of diabetes-related cognitive impairment in children.

Thyroid and neurological development. Thyroxine supplements (8 mcg/kg) in 200 infants born at less than 30 weeks’ gestation failed to improve developmental outcome at 24 months, in a study at the University of Amsterdam and Emma Children’s Hospital, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. [2]